October Q&A

Your Content Goes Here HPI 85 y/o non-diabetic female presented to the clinic complaining of a painless, rapidly growing mass to her left leg. No recent medication changes, traveling or chemical exposures. She lives in Florida and walks outside for daily exercise. Past Medical History COPD, hyperlipidemia, PAD Past Family / Surgical History Non-contributory Physical Exam The left leg exam is positive for: Firm, non-tender and rubrous nodule noted to antero-medial leg Nodule measures 2.5 x 3cm, projecting approximately 1cm above the skin surface No erythema, callor or drainage noted to the mass WHAT'S [...]

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September Q&A

Your Content Goes Here Author: Mike Casteel, DPM, FACPM, FAPWHc   HPI 50 y/o male presented to the clinic with a complaint of a “thickened fingernail, right pointer finger”, present for approximately 2 years. Patient relates no history of trauma to the nail and no previous skin cancer. Occupation: accountant. Past Medical History Hypertension Past Family / Surgical History Non-contributory Physical Exam The right 2nd fingernail is positive for Xanthonychia Longitudinal over-curvature of the nail plate "Honey-comb” appearance of the distal aspect of the nail plate Splinter hemorrhaging WHAT'S YOUR DIAGNOSIS? [...]

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