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September Q&A

Your Content Goes Here Author: Mike Casteel, DPM, FACPM, FAPWHc   HPI 50 y/o male presented to the clinic with a complaint of a “thickened fingernail, right pointer finger”, present for approximately 2 years. Patient relates no history of trauma to the nail and no previous skin cancer. Occupation: accountant. Past Medical History Hypertension Past Family / Surgical History Non-contributory Physical Exam The right 2nd fingernail is positive for Xanthonychia Longitudinal over-curvature of the nail plate "Honey-comb” appearance of the distal aspect of the nail plate Splinter hemorrhaging WHAT'S YOUR DIAGNOSIS? [...]

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Your Content Goes Here Authors: Nicole Branning, DPM, FACFAS, DABPMA, FACPM Sindhu Srinivas, DPM, MS A 51-year old male presented to the clinic for consultation of a soft tissue mass of the right lower extremity [Figure 1]. Patient reported an insidious onset of tissue growth over one month’s duration, denying precipitous injury and without pain, ulceration, or similar tissue growth systemically. Plain film [Figure 2] and MRI imaging failed to demonstrate periosteal reaction or associated bony change while MRI [Figures 3-5] revealed a 2.0cm x 2.0cm well-circumscribed soft tissue tumor of the medial ankle with predominant [...]

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