Seminar Agenda
July 23, 2022 | Eastern Standard Time Zone

Time Title Speaker
9 – 9:30am The Dermatology Exam Dr. Adam Levin
9:30 – 10am Nail Abnormalities in Systemic Diseases Dr. Michael Casteel
10-10:30am Skin Manifestations of Venous Disease Dr. Jodi Schoenhaus-Gold
10:30-11am Onychomycosis in Special Populations Dr. Annette Joyce
11-11:30am Pediatric Nails Dr. Jane S. Bellet
11:30am – 12pm KEYNOTE: Interesting Podiatric Cases that Teach a Lesson Dr. Bryan Markinson
12 – 12:15pm Morning Q&A Morning Faculty
12:15 – 1pm LUNCH SYMPOSIUM – Web Space Dermatitis: From Diagnosis to Treatment (non-CECH; supported by BakoDx) Dr. Javan Bass
1-130pm Topical Medications in Dermatology Dr. Tracey Vlahovic
1:30-2pm Nail Disorders: When It’s Not Fungus Dr. Renee Lucero
2-2:30pm Managing Skin Conditions of Black, Indigenous, and People of Color Dr. Alton Johnson
2:30 – 3pm Six Techniques for Nail Surgery Dr. Julia Baltz
3 – 3:30pm Updates in Treating Verrucae Dr. Ivan Bristow
3:30 – 4pm Literature and Use of Lasers in Podiatry Dr. Tracey Vlahovic
4 – 4:15pm Afternoon Q&A Afternoon Faculty