Seminar Agenda

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Time Title Speaker
10-10:30am Basic Principles of Biomechanics & Current Theories Dr. Marshall Solomon
10:30-11am KEYNOTE ADDRESS – The Implication of Learning Styles on Biomechanics Education: Pre and Post Graduation Dr. Cheri Choate
11-11:15am Gait Analysis and the Kinetic Chain Dr. John Tassone
11:15 – 11:45am Mechanical Effects of Shoes Dr. Scott Spencer
11:45am – 12pm An Overview of Orthotic Casting Techniques Dr. John Tassone
12:30 – 1pm Orthotic 3D Printing Technology: The Environmental Benefits Seamus Kennedy
1-1:15pm A Biomechanical Spin on Sports Medicine Dr. Bryce Paschold
1:15-1:30pm Surgical Biomechanics: Principles and Topics Dr. Jarrod Shapiro
1:30-2pm Bracing Outside of the Box Dr. Michael Casteel
2-2:15pm Why Some Athletes Breakdown: Stress Fractures in Athletes Dr. Bryce Paschold
2:15 – 2:30pm Amputation Biomechanics: The Details Matter Dr. Jarrod Shapiro